About Us

Make-A-Messterpiece Today : After a successful 4 year beta-test, Make-A-Messterpiece closed it's doors with the promise to relaunch in the future. Click here for future plans.

Make-A-Messterpiece iis the ultimate kids' creative studio where we encourage children to be as creative and explorative as they want, and don't let messes stop them.

Make-A-Messterpiece is designed to inspire the cognitive and creative development of children. For even the littlest mess-makers, Make-A-Messterpiece provides kids with opportunities to explore a wide variety of creative outlets, including cooking, science experiments, musical exploration and arts & crafts. Our dedicated staff of teachers and artists tailor each creative experience to inspire and engage.

Our Activities

Create one-of-a-kind masterpieces using paint bubbles, while learning about color combinations and air movement.

Free-style arts and crafts that engage children and adults in various art forms and projects.

Chefs-to-be create tasty treats while learning the basics of math.

Future scientists explore creative problem solving with mind-blowing experiments and projects.

Rock out with splattering paint, sound activated lights, and percussion, all while learning rhythm and sequence.


Jory W: "Thank you for hiring the kindest people and having the most innovative and fun projects. You are like family to us and have been that way since you opened."

Faith T: "After visiting this place during our Mommy and me outings with my 3 daughters, there was no doubt they wanted to be back here ASAP. They even planned their birthday parties here over the summer!"

Anna G: "This place was perfect for my 27 month old, and 5, 6, & 7 year old niece and nephews."

Rachel M: "We took our two girls (ages 2 and 6)to Make a Messterpiece this past Saturday. We will most definitely be back! There was something for each of them to do. They are still talking a bout how much fun they had."

Kris S: "Loved it! My daughter loves creating art, so she was in heaven here! Loved that cooking is incorporated in the art experience as well. I'm so going back!"